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Beautiful Kinetic Garden Wind Spinners

We really like these beautiful wind spinners for our yard and garden garden. We have several different ones. Watching them feels so meditative. Here is one that we have in our front yard. It’s so lovely to look at and even a slight breeze will make it move. I hope I find this beautiful wind […]

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Master Meditation in 30 Days

Knowing how to meditate is one of the most important skills you learn for managing stress, building willpower and confidence, and for keeping your body in good physical and emotional health. But if you are interested in learning this skill, you probably want to start getting results as soon as possible…how about within 30 days? […]

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Lift Your Mood by Following These 4 Food Strategies

Are you feeling as chipper as you’d like? When negative feelings have taken hold of you, you might have tried adjusting sleeping patterns and ramping up workouts to combat their ill effects. However, it’s likely that they didn’t fully adjust your mood. That’s probably because you overlooked one major factor. How and what you eat […]

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