I share my knowledge with you, dear reader, as an act of kindness. As an act of love. It’s somewhat selfish of me. Because, I know, that the more love I give, the more I receive.

You know what? I have found, that the best way to receive more love is to simply to give more love. Of all the resources in the world, love is one of the few that is limitless. I always have more love to give. The more I give, the more I receive.

I enjoy supporting others in their endeavors. Making them happy is important to me and giving love is one way I can increase their happiness.

Just as my loving feelings attract the same from others, negative emotions can have the same effect. If I find myself feeling negative toward others, I take the time I need to regain control of my emotions.

I am open to receiving love from others. It recharges my batteries and buoys my soul. When I receive love, it is an indication that I am doing something right.

Today, I choose to give and accept love freely. I am looking for new ways to provide love and positive attention to others. I am acting in a kind and compassionate manner. The more love I give, the more I receive.

It is my hope that the information provided to you here will help you to live more happily, joyfully, and completely.

Kindest Regards,

Liese Hubbs


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